Avoid Getting Your Online Profile Hacked Through These Pointers


With the gaming industry’s rapid growth in the past recent, coupled with the progress in internet technology, online gaming has become quite popular among gamers and fans alike. It has been estimated that by 2021, the gaming industry will be worth $180 billion in revenue, and about a quarter of it has been accounted to online games. Players are not shy on spending money over in-game items, either to gain advantage or just add flair to their avatar’s appearance.

If you regularly play online games and even occasionally purchases in-game items, then your account is vulnerable to being hacked. This could have negative repercussions as it exposes your account and personal details prey to those who would want to take advantage.

Here are a few tips you can follow to keep your account secure:

Make it a habit to regularly scan your computer

Sometimes despite our vigilance, malwares are able to pass through our computer’s defense system and is able to embed itself onto our drives, making all our passwords and personal data vulnerable to hacking. Make sure to install a really effective anti-malware program and regular scan your computer to prevent any malwares stealing your data.

Avoid using simple passwords

It’s a common mistake most of us makes. We tend to make a universal, simple passwords for all our accounts for easy remembering. This makes you highly vulnerable to hacks. Make it a point to use a different password for every account, and use complicated ones composed of letters, digits and special characters. This might be difficult to keep track but there are apps that can help you store all your passwords for each account for easy access.

If it’s dubious and shady, don’t join in

During online gaming or even with just interacting with other players in your online community you might encounter people that will offer you shady transactions or activities. Unlike legal online game services such as what Vegas99bet offers, these tend to promote too good to be true opportunities. Whatever it is, do not engage as this could expose you and your data to illegal activities and you might end up a victim of account hacking.