Awesome Place To Explore On GTA 5 On Mobile


Gaming in the consoles or even online gaming has made the traditional ways of recreational activities a bit obsolete. Nowadays more and more people are getting involved in video games. It has become one of the favourite pass times. Moreover, the youth and the kids seek it as an only source of entertainment. GTA has been the love of video gamers since its launch. Now GTA 5 on Mobile is also available.

Awesome areas to explore on GTA 5

The new players might be playing the game in a much tradition way, sticking to the written and basic gameplay but the veterans have a different approach. There are so many places in the game that you might not be aware of. Only the players playing the game on a regular basis get to know about these areas. Some of them are as follows:

  • The mountain mine- it is a hidden place whose entrance is blocked but you can enter it by blowing off the entrance by using explosives
  • Seaside camps- normally the beaches are vacant but when the clock shows 11 at night in the game, the shores are flooded with the camps
  • Coveted cove- a beautiful cove filled with water may be from the sea. It has a grenade launcher, spaceship parts and various treasures inside it
  • Aliens spaceships in the air- if you are able to somehow collect all the spaceship parts in the coveted cove, it assembles itself into a spaceship and from nowhere a flock of aliens spaceships appear in the sky

Although the gaming experience on mobile will be a bit different in comparison to the PCs or the laptops yet GTA 5 on Mobile will offer the right amount of entertainment that you may be seeking.