Everything You Need To Know About Android Apk

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An APK is an android package kit which is used to install application. Android package kit is called as android application package which is also used to distribute the application. The android uses file format to transfer the application for example the EXE files on different windows.

If you want to install an application then you can place the android package kit on your android device. The downloading and installation of applications is also called as side loading. You can download .apk and .xapk files on your android devices from the play store by clicking on the website apkpure.

What is an APK file?

APK is a file which is designed by Google for operating android’s applications. It is easy to look for an APK file because it consists of own folders. These APK folders are stored in ZIP file which makes all the APK files in a single file by compressing it. The main purpose of compressing is to save the memory and storage of the device.

How to create an APK file?

You can create your own android application kit by using android studio’s. it is not that difficult to create your own APK. You can create and use your own applications for beta testing of an application. For the developers of android software, the integrated device environment is available.

These devices are available on Mac, Linux and other Windows. It also allows other users to design the android application kit for Google play store.

Lastly prologue,

The APK files cannot be easily deleted even if you try hard because the pkg.apk files are the installed applications on your phone. Also some APK files are harmful as the reason hackers take advantages and install virus to harm your file. So the only way to protect your APK file is to take precautions while using it.