Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Join A Football Team


Football/ Soccer is the world’s most popular sport. It’s a team of 11 players playing against a team of another 11 players. You can also try it on PokerQQ. It has various teams, leagues and tournaments. Day by day it’s growing popular widely across the world for the reasons mentioned below:

  • Encouraging physical fitness- Playing football results in great health benefits such as cardiovascular exercise occurs when there is high movement in breathing, strengthens muscles can improve coordination and balance. It can also help in building mental health my preparing one for handling risk and having precautions.
  • Brings disciplines in life – discipline is very important in life. And playing football can contribute to this factor in a great way as one has to wake up on time, follow a proper diet, abide by the rules, the importance of time, fulfilling goals etc.
  • Building team spirit- football is not about oneself; it teaches how to achieve a goal with the help of team members. It teaches sportsmanship, how to settle coordination, how to turn someone’s weakness into someone’s strength.
  • Knowledge- as stated above its most popular game, it expands one’s knowledge on the game which will help him/her in future. Practical knowledge is always a great help. Knowledge about the do’s, don’ts, terms and other important aspects.
  • Sense of achievement- Sometimes one may win some tournaments and get medals, certificates which build a sense of achievement and encourages one to improve and excel. Thus, building self-confidence which is really important to achieve greater things in life.

  • Fun- Football is a powerhouse of fun entertainment and thrill. Anything can happen in a game of football at any moment. It makes one go nail-biting. Just as how a viewer is enthralled, even a player playing in the field is similarly thrilled to play.
  • Future- If one has a hobby of playing football, one must better join a football team and play his hobby. Football teams keep track of your play, and if played well, they can help to shine bright in future.
  • Various sports opportunities – A person playing for a football club officially gets many exciting opportunities like meeting famous players, representing the club in various fields. Such opportunities are once in a lifetime opportunity.