3 Challenges Faced By The IT Support Scene Today

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The IT scene faces new sets of challenges with each passing year. While inability to move to cloud was a concern last year due to poor economy, it’s something else this year. Economy seems to be improving which has made cloud-shift easier now. But this year too poses its own sets of challenges in the form of GDPR concerns, novel security threats and so on. The post here offers a brief on 4 major challenges faced by the IT support scene today.

New kinds of security threats

According to a market expert, the recent government shutdown in the US has led to the development of new kinds of security threats in the cyber scene. It was his explanation that because of the shutdown, a lot of security expert who had been keeping an eye on threats at national level- weren’t on duty. It has left a huge playground for attackers and have made it more convenient for them to attack with new form of cyber threats.

GDPR concerns

It’s true that many dynamic organizations today are increasingly concerned about privacy of their products. However, not all of them can assure complete compliance with GDPR standards. In fact, Google has been recently fined by regulators from France on the ground of non-compliant system of data collection. Businesses all over should have to adopt a GDPR-type policy that will work to safeguard citizens- even before the enactment of the regulations. Companies must follow international guidelines in order to shield customer privacy on global scale for more convenient compliance.

Skill gap in Britain IT sector due to Brexit

The UK is likely to suffer from serious skill gap in the IT scene if the Brexit actually takes place, especially No-Deal Brexit. Around 8 percent of highly skilled workforce in the Britain IT sector is from the EU. If the Brexit actually happens, the Britain IT scene is going to face a major talent gap.