5 Etiquettes To Follow On First Date


Going on a first date can get as exciting as it can get on your nerves. However if you are a tad bit careful on maintaining certain etiquettes on your first date, you can expect a smooth sail henceforth. Just like catchy quotes for Instagram bio can give a good impression about you, similarly a first date can build your nice first and lasting impression on your partner. Keep in mind the below 5 etiquettes to follow on a first date.

  1. Be punctual

Be it work or date, being on time is valued everywhere. Remember you’re meeting your date for the first time and you’re still almost strangers. Keeping him/her waiting may seem impolite and can spoil a good beginning.

  1. Be open-minded

That is to say, don’t assume anything or pass a judgment without learning about it completely. Being open-minded helps you to learn better about your date and later helps you in taking important decisions. Try to listen what they have to say without reacting unnecessarily.

  1. Make eye contact

Making eye contact is a fantastic way to communicate. If you take a liking to the one you’re dating, make a lot of eye contact while you talk. And in case you’re not comfortable making an eye contact, tell the same to your date. This will avoid them getting a wrong impression about you.

  1. Put the phone away

It is horribly rude to stare and/or work on your phone while someone else is talking to you. This invariably gives an impression that something else is more important to you than the date. So unless it’s an emergency, please keep your phone away.

  1. Be honest

It is important for you to be transparent while on a first date. Your date will definitely find you more trustworthy if you’re honest with him/her right from the beginning.