5 tips to maintain carpets in your office

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Have you got some really gorgeous carpets for your office floors? That’s great; carpets are famous for their timeless elegance and can amp up the appeal of your office big time. But, don’t forget carpets get dirty over time. You must be careful about proper maintenance of your carpets to ensure a clean, bright, healthy and welcoming ambience. The post below shares a handy guide on maintaining carpets in your office.

Vacuum daily

Your office carpets should be vacuumed daily without fail. Daily vacuuming sucks out loose dust and debris that get accumulated on the carpet every day.

Rugs outside and inside doors

This tip is especially important if you have carpets in high-traffic spaces like conference rooms, lobby, break rooms or hallways. It’s always a smarter idea to place rugs both outside and inside doors that lead to these carpeted areas. This way, those who come to office will automatically wipe their shoes on the rugs and proceed with a cleaner shoe when they will reach the carpet. It will keep the carpet cleaner by preventing faster dirt accumulation on it.

Never drag heavy things over carpet

If you are cautious about your carpet health, do not drag any heavy things on carpet. Any heavy furniture or office equipment over your carpet can destroy its underlying padding. In fact, these heavy objects may even tear or stretch the beautiful thing. So, if you have to carry something heavy over the carpet, use a trolley or a push card. If you have to place bulky office equipment or furniture over a carpet, use plastic mats or rugs under them.

Prevent spills and stains

Request your employees not to eat or drink anything over the carpet. Sweat stains also leave a bad mark on carpets. Iontophoresis treatment can help a lot to treat extreme sweating and you may visit https://iontophoresismachine.org for further information.

Professional cleaning

Make sure to go for regular professional cleaning as well.