6 Tips To Follow While Cleaning Shoe Insoles

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It is equally important to clean your shoe insoles just as much it is important to clean your shoes. There is no undermining the comfort that the best shoe inserts provide to our feet, legs and back. Thus it is impertinent that we clean our shoe inserts at regular intervals, or whenever needed. Not cleaning them regularly can breed bacteria in them, resulting in smelly insoles. Below are 4 tips you can follow while cleaning shoe insoles.

Use a stiff-bristled brush

A brush made from nylon can be the trick to clean your insoles effectively. This works great with warm water and a soap solution to clean the dirt and grime off from insoles that have been used over time. It is particularly useful for cleaning selective areas. You can even use a toothbrush for this purpose.

Do not dip the insoles in soap and water solution

The way to clean soiled insoles is not by dipping them in soap and water solution, rather by using a brush to clean them first, and wipe them dry with a clean cloth. Dipping insoles in water can ruin them.

Dry your shoe insoles in the sun

Sunlight is known to disinfect anything. So it is always better to dry the insoles out in the sun.

Use baking soda to deodorize

Baking soda has fantastic deodorizing properties. So if your shoe insoles are smelly along with being soiled, use some baking soda to get rid of the foul odor. It also helps keep the insoles smelling fresh for a long time.

Use vinegar to clean and disinfect

You can take equal amounts of vinegar and water in a container, and dip your insoles in the solution. This is an easy way to not only clean your insoles but also eliminate foul smell from them. Vinegar has deodorizing properties.