The Perks Of Taking A Personal Loan And Investing In Shares


Each one of us at some point of time has thought about investing in the stock market. The probabilities of earning phenomenal profits and benefitting greatly from market fluctuations have made most of the people give a thought about spending in the stock market. However, a considerable amount of money is needed for investing in the stock market. It often is a question one ponders upon whether one can take a loan and invest it in the stock market or not.

Is it advisable to take a personal loan and invest in shares?

The process is very much possible, and it also has a name, that is taking a personal loan to invest in shares is called leveraging or gearing. There are, in fact several benefits of leveraging. This fact is also ascertained by an article on this renowned website

Some of the benefits are,

  • In case of a personal loan, one has more amount of capital to invest in shares, thus increasing the chances of a hefty profit.
  • It is known that taking a personal loan means high rates of interest as well as loan servicing expenditure. Here, the investment becomes beneficial since the profit attained for it covers all loan expenditure.
  • Also, due to the rate of interest and loan expenditure, one’s taxable income is reduced in case the expenses are more than one’s income.

How to go about taking a loan and investing it in the stock market?

There are several steps one needs to adopt before investing in the stock market. Some of these steps are,

  • The person should initially be assured that they have an alternate source of income for paying the monthly instalments. This is because systematic withdrawal is not usually advised.
  • A great tip is to choose relatively long term strong stocks, for instance about 2–3 years. This is done to prevent paying for capital gains for short term.

With these tips, one can easily opt for a loan and invest in shares for profits.