A Bitcoin Startup That May Grow To Be A Market Leader Someday: Coinbase


Gone are the days when people were used to be suspicious about the bitcoins and cryptocurrency, as the value of this digital format of currency rose a couple of years ago leading corporate houses, as well as top financial institutions, started adopting its use. Speaking of Coinbase, it will not be wrong to term it as one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. People also claim that it just got lucky for being at the right place for capitalizing interest spike. Let’s find out is it true on, Bitcoin Superstar?

An introduction to Coinbase

To introduce Coinbase, It is just a company that is based in San Francisco, known for providing an amazing platform to trade cryptocurrency in the United States Of America. According to the reports of a leading daily corporate newsletter, the Coinbase was able to make a decent spot among the top list of disruptors in the year 2018. The journey of this startup was never a bed of roses, they struggled a lot to become what they are today and as a result, the size of their engineering team has also doubled.

Everything is not Win-Win

The growth of Coinbase was quite rapid and from the year 2017 but there are some threats that it has to deal with just like any other business has to. With the growing acceptance of bitcoins and cryptocurrency the competition among trading platforms as well. Coinbase is also exploring several other opportunities of venture capitals for building a strong base around the organizations. The Coinbase has also introduced some of the custody and other products launched in the market.

Therefore, if you need any more details regarding the same,look for it online and get all the information related to it.