Advantages And Disadvantages Of Switching To Contact Lenses From Old Glasses

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People that wear glasses feel irritated as they feel disappointed every time as they have to wear the glasses every time. It is better to switch from glasses to the contact lenses to correct the range of all the refractive errors that include the farsightedness, presbyopia and the nearsightedness.  Contact lenses are the new way of enhancing your appearance and are highly used to treat eye diseases. Some people prefer to wear contact lenses while some not as you have to take a lot of care of the contact lenses. You need to carry your contact lens case everywhere, not to face difficulty.

You can get the eye check-up and get a prescription from the doctor on switching on to contact lenses from the glasses. There are some advantages and some disadvantages of switching on from eyeglasses to the contact lenses. Glasses seem challenging to wear all the time whereas you can comfortably wear the contact lenses every time and people that are habitual even wear the lenses while sleeping. FDA has concluded the contact lenses as the medical devices that are placed on the cornea and can be used for cosmetic or therapeutic purposes.

Let us know some of the right reasons for switching on to contact lenses from the glasses which are as follows:-

  • Contact lenses don’t get water spots or steam up. So you can wear them in fog or steamy area without worrying about going blind along with the visual aid you have.
  • Lenses don’t reflect light and don’t disfigure. Unlike glasses that reflect light so much that if you click selfies with the front camera, you will see your reflection in the glass that come in the picture.
  • Contact lenses give you wearers a full field of the focused vision.  In glasses, you when you see out of the frame without moving your neck, you cannot see to the extreme corners, upwards or downwards. But in case of a lens, it is your pupil that moves and lens move along with it, so no such problem.
  • You can lead an active lifestyle by wearing contact lenses. I’ve seen people forgetting their glasses at home, or they forget where they kept or most of the times they break them. With the lens, tyou can wear them throughout the day so not worrying about taking them off and forgetting them anywhere.
  • You will not feel irritated as the lenses don’t rub against your nose or ear. This is a big problem for people putting up with glasses. Believe me, my nose got the mark caused by the supporting frame of the glasses, and it was going to get more intense with time but thank goodness I switched to lenses.
  • You don’t need to slow down your movement as there is no risk of getting the lenses down. Thus, you can play all the sports, and athletic games yon like buy could not play before with weak eyesight or falling glasses.
  • With contact lenses, you wear high confidence. This is true, ask a chasmish girl who is getting ready for a wedding and wearing glasses on it. It so does not look cute, and neither does your eye makeup. Thus lenses become your savior.
  • You get a natural look, and now you don’t have to worry about taking and wearing your glasses everywhere.

There are two sides of a coin, and similarly, with many advantages, there are some disadvantages too of wearing contact lenses which are:-

  • You need to clean and disinfect the contact lenses properly, and this process requires a great time as it is complicated. Also, if you skip this part, you will be compromising with the quality of the lens.
  • Contact lenses have a higher risk of causing the infection in the eyes. You need to take proper care while wearing and removing the contact lenses. As we all are aware of, eyes are compassionate so that a single wrong touch could harm you much.
  • Contact lenses are expensive than prescription glasses. And no, you cannot compromise with the quality and get yourself cheaper lenses.
  • There might be a higher risk of infection if you sleep wearing the lenses and not only infection these can cause corneal ulcer and blindness sometimes.
  • You have to carry the contact lens case that contains all the essential things. It is more important to maintain hygiene in case of lenses.

Both glasses and contact lenses have their advantages and disadvantages, but after checking the results, the contact lenses are much better. It is concluded that contact lenses provide many benefits, and you can enhance your appearance by wearing contact lenses. It is better to switch on to contact lenses from the old glasses and change your appearance and get the fantastic look.