Apex Legends To Match Cheaters Together In Bid To Combat Hacking


When it comes to multiplayer battle royale games, some of us walk the extra mile to win. This extra mile is often towards the wrong side as they use hacks, cheats and seemingly undetectable hack tools making it impossible to win for the players who don’t cheat. Apex legends, though, has come up with a master plan to tackle those who ruin the game for the larger half of non-cheaters.

The developers of the game have decided that all the cheaters will be matched in one lobby to test out their gaming and cheating skills against fair competition. The move has gotten mixed responses as some call it ingenious while others hold on to the question of why aren’t they simply banned. Of course, it is the extremes that interest people and steps like banning cheaters appear to be like some iron fist while they’re hardly even a little effective.

Why Is This Move Better Than Banning Cheaters?

When a player is reported and later banned for cheating, he will have no option but to make a new account to play the game. This won’t really shorten the number of cheaters as they keep on respawning in a way and ruin the game for fair players. So, if you look at the bigger picture, the move appears to be a strong one but is hollow inside.

This move by the developers of Apex Legends is much better one as it allows the fair playing world to go one up for the first time. The cheater wouldn’t have ever imagined that it will come to this and they will have to fight in a lobby filled with fellow hackers and cheaters. So, for those who want to enjoy the game and play fairly, this move is a great one and will really eliminate the cheaters from the clean lobbies, at least for the time being.