Basic Golf Tips For Beginners


Golf is one of the most popular sports, especially among men who are middle-aged and in some cases, even senior citizens. While it does not seem to be a very exciting sport to play, a lot of people engage in it are excited of it for a good reason. If you are interested in playing golf, and would want to know the basics associated with the said sport, below are some golf clubs for beginners mens tips on how to play golf, and best places to start from.

Develop a Good Posture

The swing is one of the most basic drills when it comes to playing golf. When it comes to both swinging and putting, a good posture is the difference between a good putt and swing, and a bad one. Place your feet firmly on the ground, and tilt your hips, not your waist. This needs practice, but with constant practice you can perfect this basic step.

Start with a Club that is Short Lofted

This is the type of club that beginners should start practicing with. This is because in doing so, you will not end up “scooping” the ball upwards, which has been the practice among those who start to play. If you can’t find one, another type would be any type of wedge.

Short Game Before Long Game

The short game is just as important as the long one. Practice your golf skills on a par 3 course if you are still starting, which will in turn, place better effort and focus when you will be advancing to the golf courses that are more challenging. While golf can be challenging, there will always be room for improvement. Make use of all these beginner tips to begin honing your game, and time will come when you will be as good as the ones you see on TV.