Basic things that you must know about the drill press tool!


The drill press is a unique and highly useful and efficient tool that serves various purposes and is easy to use. It is quite efficient in drilling holes in hard surfaces with high accuracy. A drill press has multiple functions and parts that work together to drill holes in different items accurately. You can find some of the best drill press online on different sites at affordable prices. A drill press is a complex machine with various mechanical parts serving different functions and purposes.

Different parts of drill press along with its functions

The head

It is the topmost and most crucial part of the drill press. It is the head of the drill and is placed on the top of the spindle and also facilitates the proper and efficient movement of the spindle. It moves the spindle as spindle can only move up and down and for other movements as it needs the assistance of the head.


It is the most crucial and imperative part of a drill press which holds the structure altogether and helps it to rotate smoothly. It is gripped using the hand along with the handle column. It can be easily get displaced while working so to keep it fixed; the user uses return spring which enables the smooth up and down movement of the spindle.


It is a part that is attached to the table and prevents the surface from slipping out during the work. It is a rod-shaped piece which stands straight on the table and forms a complete 90 degree with the surface.


The base of the drill is made up of strong and durable material like iron or steel. A good base keeps the column stable and gives it much-needed support. You can set the drill press straight by using the bottom as the foot.