Beat Boredom through Enjoyable Small Online Games today


Games like World of Warcraft and Counterstrike aren’t for everyone. And even if you are an avid player of games like these, you might find yourself wanting something smaller and simpler. You can play Situs poker online Terpercaya every now and then, or go for fun small games available on the web.

Here are some lesser known online games you can play that require little or no downloads. These games are famous in small circles for being easy to play while at work – at your own risk, of course.

Get the girl with Get Tiffany

Get Tiffany is an online game about four guys trying to get the girl. Use moves like trip to make your opponent stumble when he tries to make a play or literally pull the pants down on your enemy when he tries to flirt. The player to use his smooth moves the best wins. Watch out though, this game is based mostly on luck. You have to try and guess what the other players are going to do at any given time. If someone trips you when you try and give Tiffany roses you’ll lose points, but if someone pulls your pants down while you’re strutting she will swoon and you will gain points. Each player starts out with a points bar set at 50. Other players can gang up on you and drop you down to zero, called “zeroing”. You can also customize your character appearance with your choice of hairstyles, skin colors clothing and much more. Join clans and get backup or play casually and make friends. The game has a dedicated community sure to keep you in laughs. Basic play is free but you get more customization options and forum privileges with membership.

Live the hobo life with HoboWars

Hobowars is a game all about living life in a wildly wacky hobo world. Here you can race shopping carts, explore the city for cans and do one-on-one battle. Buy weapons like a “paper cup” and purchase armor such as “another hobo”. You can beg for money at the 7-11 for income or turn in your collected cans at the can depot for extra cash. You’ll want to read the tutorials and browse around the message boards for a bit before you jump into this game. Game play can get rather intricate. For example, there are benefits to leveling slowly. There are also two main paths you can lead your hobo down, beggar or fighter. Each one has its own benefits and you will want to start training for these positions early. Hobowars features fantastic graphics and a built in arcade. Join gangs to get benefits like loaned weapons and tokens for cart parts. This game has a large and loyal community featuring a very entertaining forum. This game is free but you can benefit from “donator packs”, which are sold on the site.

Be a schoolyard bully with Sissyfight

Sissyfight is set in the schoolyard playground. Your objective is to basically be the last girl standing. Use offensive moves like tattle and pinch to attack your enemies. The game play is similar to that of Get Tiffany. This game does not have as big of a community as other games. This is more of a hit and run type game, but still fun in your spare time. This game is totally free.