Box Jumping Guidelines for More Fun

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Box jumping doesn’t have to be boring; you can make your box jumping routines full of variety. I’m a certified personal trainer, and there are many ways to make this type of workout anything but boring and dull.

The following suggestions are in no particular order. So here is the first one: Use more than one box for jumping. Set up three of them: low, medium and high. Jump over the first box. From your landing position, spring over the next one. Repeat for the third. This will be very difficult depending on the height of the boxes.

But if you want to try this, don’t cheat with the landing. This means wherever your feet land, this is the position you spring up with. Don’t readjust your feet or take a baby jump in between…

…Unless you absolutely have to, to clear the next box. Another variation is to jump on top of each one. But if you do this, then for sure do not add that baby cheat jump after you land. If you like this version, hold light weights.

You’ve probably done just straight, plain jumping up and down, up and down. Yes, do this, but laterally next time. Stand at the side of the box and jump on top of it, then back down to the start position: up and down, up and down, sideways. Add hand weights.

Or, jump on top, then come down behind the box. Leap up from here, then come down to the side, and so on.

Go up and down, up and down, with a start position in front of the box, so that you’re jumping up backwards.

Straddle a box, then jump up with both feet together on top of it. Come back down into the straddle position, then up again, and so on.

Remember the three-box routine described at the beginning of this article? Add a pushup in between each jump.

Do standard box jumps, but when you’re on top of it, add a deep squat, then straighten and spring back down. Or, add the squat after you come back down before going back up again. Of course, you can always add the squat for both landing positions.

Or, when you’re on top, do another jump before coming back down.

With a small box, do one-legged jumps.

Maybe you’ve been emphasizing height all this time. Now it’s time to do speed-based drills, which mean less height. See how many standard jumps you can crank out in one minute at a lower height.

However, if you’ve been focusing on speed all this time, then see how high you can jump. Have a spotter when you’re approaching your height limit. Make sure feet land entirely on the box, rather than heels hanging over. For more information, you can simply click here to view special offers on all crazybulk stacks