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Lanyards have proven to be one of the most practical, handy, and versatile accessory for everyday use. Aside from giving the ability for people to bring various essentials around their necks, lanyards are also a popular choice of promotional material for corporate events and seminars. Procuring lanyards in large quantities for corporate promotions is now quite easy now with services allowing lanyard printing online.

What makes lanyard an effective promotional tool is it offers practicality and is quite handy for most, if not all, individuals. Using lanyards targets almost all demographics, because of its many uses.

Here are some of the daily uses of lanyards:

ID holder for school and offices

Lanyards are great and visually appealing ID holder in settings such as offices and universities. This allows students and professionals to conveniently bring their ID’s around without having to hold them all the time. For schools and offices which require their students and staff to scan their ID’s during entry, lanyards allow maneuverability which makes scanning easy and less troublesome.

Means of Identification in various events

Be it a corporate or public event, using lanyards as means of identification makes it easy for people and security to determine authorized personnel. This also allows a promotional opportunity for sponsors of the event, as they can print their brand logos along the lanyard for promotion and to increase brand awareness.

Specific lanyards are perfect in a hospital or healthcare setting

It’s important to be easily identified in a hospital setting. Whether you’re a doctor, custodian, supply manager, healthcare professional, having a lanyard to hold your Identification cards and passes allows for an easier identification and access to secure offices and parts of the hospital, which is important especially in a high-pressure setting such as in a hospital.

Additionally, there are lanyards that can be produced with antibacterial properties, which can help reduce the risk of spreading around deadly viruses and bacteria. Ideal for healthcare professionals and staff working in a busy hospital.