Despite World Cup, Jill Ellis Not Getting To Coach Men


How unconventional does it sound to have a woman coach a team of men? Or is it just in our minds? Have you ever pondered on this topic? While many people choose to whale away their time in playing DominoQQ, sometimes the lack of active support sets the sun on many talents. Jill Ellis, the coach of the most successful women’s soccer team, is one such talent. Despite being a decorated coach and having a World Cup to her fame, there are faint chances that she would get to coach a men’s team. But is there a problem in her talent? Most obviously, no. There is a societal restriction that inhibits her from extending her coaching capabilities to men. Where does the problem lie then? Her gender.

About Jill Ellis:

Belonging to Southern England, Jill never played competitive soccer. There was still no dedicated team for women back in 1970’s. However her moving in to Virginia with her family changed her fate. She not only joined her high school soccer team, but also helped it win a state title. She is currently the coach of the US Women’s National Soccer Team, and the development director of the United States Soccer Federation. She has a long and glorious history of coaching university and US national youth teams. Her team won the World Cup in 2015.

Why the bias despite the talent?

There have been several instances of men coaching a women’s team. But when it comes to the reverse, the chances are bleak. Nothing but societal norms are responsible from holding back Ellis to coach a men’s team. There is no none to blame because everybody acknowledges Jill’s talent. But there is definitely some reluctance and lack of confidence that is keeping her from coaching a men’s team. And this certainly needs some active voicing of support in her favor.