Drive by Hackers: How to Protect Your Computers

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With the explosion of the Internet and the cheap high-speed connections available these days many people have opted to connect several computers they have in their house with wireless networks. Requirements for these wireless networks are minimal but much of the planning that goes into these networks is overlooked. The largest of these being security, most people don’t even realize that they are allowing anyone to get onto their network by giving access to their computers. While people know about identity theft and that people can access their information over the Internet if they are not careful, they do not realize the threat of allowing someone to access the computer over their local network.

The easiest way to reduce this threat is to enable WEP. This stands for wireless encryption protocol. It creates between the wireless receiver in the unit sending information usually a computer or laptop. There are several kinds of WEP. In addition to WEP, there is also WPA, WPA-PSK, WPA-PSK2, WPA-PSK2 enterprise. The two easiest to use are WEP and WPA. WEP requires you to generate a 16 to 32 digit key. This key must be generated using HEX, this is not an easy thing to do therefore I suggest going to a website such as having them generate the key for you this is a free service. Once you have generated this key you need to log into your router and select security. Once you’re in the security tab go to the wireless encryption type and choose WEP in the key section. Paste the key you generated from the website in the blank field. Now select save and restart. Once your router has restarted your wireless network is now secured. To be able to use any of your computers or devices over this wireless network you must also give them the key that was generated with a website that you put into the security tab on your router. This is usually a very simple and straightforward process but if you run into difficulty contact the manufacturer of that product and ask them how to enable wireless encryption protocol on that device. Furthermore, you may also integrate the best wifi extender in your device. This will allow you to have a quality connection and as a result, you can use the Internet in a more convenient manner.

The WPA protocol is much easier to use as it does not require you to generate a key using HEX. The WPA protocol generates a key based on a word or phrase that you enter. This is much easier as it is very simple to remember a word or phrase as opposed to a 32 digit HEX key. Using the WPA protocol is a very similar process to the WEP instructions listed above, the only difference is instead of choosing WEP, you need to choose WPA and then enter the word or phrase you would like to use. Once you have done this you also need to enable the rest of your devices with the WPA word or phrase so that they will be able to use the secured wireless network.

This is one of the best things you can do to secure your identity. If this is too technical for you to be able to do I suggest contracting with a local computer company as they should build a do this fairly cheaply for you. If you would like additional information about this topic please feel free to e-mail