Driving Tons of Traffic to your Site through Social Media

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Social media is all the buzz. Who can deny it; social media is here to stay. With so many users flocking to these social websites and services there is a large opportunity to tap into the immense traffic available on these platforms. In fact, www.freshcrowd.com is here to help your brand gain leverage from the power of the best social media platforms.

The following will show you which social media platform you should participate in to maximize your effort to drive traffic to your website.

  1. Get on Facebook, Now!

Facebook touts over 500 million users. Not only is there a very large amount of users on Facebook but they also spend an immense amount of time on the website. Because users hang around for such a long time you have a ton of time to engage and convert these users into traffic.

Facebook gives you a few great options but the following are the best to implement:

  • Facebook fan page
  • Personal Facebook profile
  • Facebook ads

First, a Facebook fan page allows you to create a page dedicated to a product, service or interest. This fan page can be about your website where you can capture those interested in your topics, engage them with wall posts and drive them back to your website.

Next, a Facebook profile is great for when you want to connect on a more personal level. By connecting on a personal level with your profile page you’ll be able to develop a better relationship and drive highly targeted traffic to your website.

Finally, Facebook has a tremendous ad platform that lets you target all the way down to specific interests users have filled out on their profile. Facebook ads are relatively cheap in comparison to Adwords and give you the opportunity to flood your website with tons of traffic.

  1. Start creating videos

YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and others are all video websites that have seen a gigantic spike in interest and traffic over the last few years. It’s a no-brainer that people naturally migrate to video especially coming from a dominant era when TV ruled.

Think of creating videos as mini commercials that can be used to promote your website. Use your videos to share your expertise and information – this gives the viewer the best possible experience. When a video is short and sweet, users want to learn more and by placing your link in the description you’ll capture this individual as relevant traffic.

YouTube is by far the best video website to target. Not only does YouTube have the largest amount of traffic but the built-in video ads can be perfect for many websites that need traffic.

  1. Twitter

Twitter is a microblogging platform and service where users ‘ tweets’ small messages (up to 140 characters) and share information.
Twitter has seen a quick rise since its launch with millions of users actively utilizing the service each day.
The greatest benefit of Twitter is the ability to retweet information which is essentially just repeating it but giving credit to the original person. Retweets create a viral effect amongst those users and their followers. A single tweet can spread to thousands within an instant.
By giving away great information and including your link you can easily convert Twitter users into valuable traffic.
Twitter is definitely a social media platform you’ll want to use when building traffic to your website.

Social media. There’s so much to say about the power of social media but one thing it’s certainly not and that’s a trend. Social media is here to stay.

While it’s still relatively new to many people jump right in and begin giving away great information. Connect with other users on each of these platforms. Test out a few ad campaigns. The more active you are within social media, the greater the amount of traffic you’ll be able to pull to your website.