Euro-Pro Shark NV22L Navigator Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review


When your old vacuum take too much of your time perhaps it is time to replace that old vac with a new one. If you don’t know which one to buy you should consider the Euro-Pro Shark NV22L Navigator bagless upright and I won’t say no to aeg staubsauger either as it has a good feel to it. Here is a list of good and bad points of this upright vacuum cleaner.


This unit is easy to assembly. It would take you no more than 5 minutes to put the pieces together and have it ready to clean your home.

The Shark NV22L Navigator has great suction power. The 12-amps motor really has the power to suck in dirt, dust and crumbs. The little turbo power brush works well in removing pet hair from upholstery, carpet and stairs. Even though it’s powerful the noise level is quite acceptable.

It is compact unit and easy to maneuver. It even feels like a self-propelled vacuum. And when you want to store it you can just put it in a small closet.

One noticeable feature is the hose. The hose is 12-foot long so you can clean your stairs, ceiling and walls without picking up the vacuum. This is an incredible convenience. The power cord is long too. It’s 30-foot long and there’s a cord holder clip to keep the cord wrapped on the handle.

Usually, the filter on a bagless vacuum gets clogged up real quickly. This unit, however, is a rare exception. As long as you empty the dirt cup before it reaches the maximum fill line this bagless vacuum will never loses its suction power. The dirt cup is easy to empty and the filters are reusable too. You can wash the filters when necessary and since the vacuum has an extra filter included you can use the spare while the other one is being washed.

The rubber wheels on Shark NV22L Navigator make this bagless vacuum glide effortlessly both on carpet and hardwood floors. Since they are made of rubber instead of hard plastic they minimize the chance of scratching your precious hardwood floor.


There is no carpet height adjustment to be found on this unit. All you got is a floor-or-carpet switch. Even though it’s compact the shape of the head prevents it from going under the bed and low furniture so you need to use the hose for that.

Euro-Pro claimed that it is a lightweight vacuum but in reality it is not a lightweight vacuum at all. It weighs 15 pounds so taking it upstairs may not be convenient to you.


For a $200 upright the Euro-Pro Shark NV22L Navigator bagless can perform as well as the $500 Dyson. If you need a powerful vacuum save that $300 and buy the Shark. It may have some flaws but they are really minor.