First Steps In Applying For A Government Grant

Reference and Education

Government grands are money awarded by various government institutions to either an individual or an organization for a specific purpose. Unlike government loans, awarded grants does not need to be paid back to the government. Grants can come from the local government, federal, or even state government. While it may sound like government grants are great ideas, obtaining one is complicated and takes a lot of time to process

The key to getting grant opportunities from the government is seeking and finding out if you, or your organization, is eligible for one. In order to be granted one, you must take these first steps:

Find and study government grants

Familiarize yourself with different grants offered by the government. You can visit to check lists of grants offered by the local, federal and state government. The list will include information on eligibility and process of application for each grant.

At the site, you can browse through various grant opportunities by different categories. Knowing which category you or your organization will fit into will be an important first step in grant applications. You can also sort it listing by federal agencies to see which government branches currently has grant opportunities.

Check the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)

            The CFDA is a catalog of over 2,000 federal assistance programs issued in print annually. The listing is also available online at their website There is a keyword search feature in the website, allowing you search various grants using key terms and yielding information on grant opportunities available related on the word you keyed in.

Make sure you are eligible for the grant

After checking available government grants, make sure you are eligible before attempting to apply for one. There is a comprehensive list of requirements a government has before they even consider awarding a grant. Eligibility requirements differ if you’re applying as an individual or on behalf of an organization. For a general overview of the lists of requirements for eligibility, you can try visiting