Heat Transfer Vs. Sublimation Process

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Deciding for a business can be tough because you have to think over which kind of entrepreneur business would be lucrative and for a long term, some would invest for food franchising, clubs, laundry shop, lending and clothing line. As what I’ve noticed one of the competitive career industries internationally is personalizing designs on shirts, people would always buy shirts for a present or just for personal interest. It’s a great business to invest with good marketing skills, so the question is which would be the best tool or equipment for designing shirts? Is it heat transfer paper or sublimation printing? Thanks to advanced technology, we are able to improve and enhance the shirt designing, let’s learn the method first of heat transfer paper.

Heat Transfer Paper

The heat transfer paper method is one way of personalizing shirts, the process involves with the use of specialty paper, usually designers would create styles on the computer or as what they called as graphic designing; once they’re done the print it out with the specialty paper to transfer into the desired material shirts, then the heat transfer is applied, they press the specialty paper on the shirt with a heat press. For some they use the home iron but for better results heat press is more recommended, even the 15″ sign vinyl can be used for this process.

Sublimation Paper

When it comes to the sublimation paper, the process doesn’t differ with the heat transfer but the outcome of sublimation process is more durable. When heating is applied to sublimation ink, from solid it becomes gas as a result the printed design that is made from sublimation ink is long lasting and doesn’t damage under whatever conditions. In addition, the sublimation process is suitable to any type of poly-coating, and even able to customize jewelries, mug, puzzles and more.