How Much Does It Cost To Avail Pet Portrait Photography?


Pet portrait is an amazing way to make your furry friend special. You have portals like that offer a wide range of portrait choices- ranging from water colour to graphite & charcoal and so on. But, before you place order for the portrait, you will need a professionally shot photograph of your pet. If you have never opted for pet photography, you must be wondering about the rates. Well, here is a brief on how much does it cost to avail a pet photography service.

To start with, the rates may vary depending on your type and duration of project. Some of the pet photography projects may charge you as low as £65 while some of them may even cost you £100. If you are planning for a weekend session, it might take around £140.

A whole bunch of factors come to play when it comes to determining the cost of a pet photography project. These include:

  • Reputation, skill and experience of the pet photographer
  • Duration of your project
  • Time to be spent on travel, session as well as photography edits
  • Size, quality as well as amount of prints
  • Mounting of the photo
  • Overhead costs for the photographer like studio expenses, advertising and permits
  • Market influencers like neighbourhood affluence or median income

If you are planning to run the project at the photographer’s studio it will cost you slightly less than if you are aspiring to shoot it outdoors. For the latter, the photographer would need to travel with his team and equipments to an outdoor location. And that would really add up to your overall expense. Besides, the size of photographs will also play a major role here. A life-size photograph will always cost more than a bust-size photograph.

However, try to look for a photographer that does not charge you upfront. Go for those professionals who ask for money only after you have approved the photographs.