How To Check If An Iphone Is Refurbished Or Brand New

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Practically everyone would want to have an iPhone as their daily driver. They’re efficient, fast, reliable and offers a great set of features you would want from a phone. The problem is, they are also quite expensive. Recent models of iPhones go for at least $1,000 in an Apple store, which is high for most people.

Purchasing iPhones online

Luckily, there are other ways of getting an iPhone without having to spend a ton of money. There are individuals who sell their used but still in great quality iPhones for less as older models like iPhone 6s Plus tend to drop down in price significantly. Or you can try getting refurbished units for a cheaper price, those that have been returned for repairs and is being sold again after issues were addressed.

Simple way to check if an iPhone is refurbished

Be wary, however, as there are people who would try to sell you a refurbished unit and claim that it has never gone under repair or is brand new. Here is a way to know if an iPhone is brand new or have been refurbished:

  1. Go to settings in the iPhone menu
  2. Tap on “General” then go to “About” to check information about the unit
  3. Check the “Model” of the iPhone and pay close attention to the text next to it. It will be composed a series combination of letters and numbers, the first of which will give you an idea if the iPhone is refurbished or not:
    • M – indicates that the iPhone was purchased brand new
    • F – indicates that the iPhone has undergone through refurbishing
    • N – indicates that the unit is a replacement device for the originally bought but defective iPhone
    • P – indicates that the iPhone has been personalized with engraving on purchase

It’s fairly easy to determine if an iPhone you are trying to buy is a brand new unit on purchase or a refurbished one. Make sure to do this very simple check before you pull the trigger on any purchase.