Often times not given enough attention, the linen that you use for your special occasion, be it a wedding, a birthday party, baby shower, or a graduation party, set the overall feel and atmosphere of the event. Though seemingly small, when the right linen is chosen for your tablecloth, chairs, tables, and other parts of the venue complements the entire theme and glues together the entire design of the occasion.

Chances are, you will be availing cocktail table rental services for such events, and it often comes with the option to choose which linen to accompany the tables and chairs. In order to choose the right table linen for your special event, keep in mind these following considerations:

Choose the fabric first before anything else

Having the perfect color or design will be for naught if the fabric is not right. Traditionally, polyester linen has always been the popular option for such occasions, but there are other options you can consider which may be of a better fit to the overall theme of the event. You can also add more flair and emphasis through texture designs of the linen fabric. Always make sure you choose the right fabric first before deciding on other aspects of the linen.

Color is important – visit and check the linen in person

You cannot just say what color you want your linen to be or decide on which color to go with through photos in a screen. If you want your linen color to perfectly and appropriately match the theme of the event, you have to see it in person. Most linen rental services have sample fabrics of different colors you can choose from. For best results, your can bring a sample color of the venue or the event theme and put is side by side with the fabric sample.