How to Get Your Child Ready for Preschool

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Time has flown by and your little one is edging into a new phase of life, the school years. Not only is this a scary experience for your child, but the change can be a frightening one for you too. School is a new adventure and the adventure is not just for your little one, but it’s one that will affect your whole family. Integrating your child into the preschool realm can be extremely difficult and time consuming. Here are some tips on how to prepare your child for their preschool journey.

1.) Introduce Socialization.

One of the big changes that your child will go through when starting preschool is the introduction to other children. When other little ones come into the picture, certain challenges come into play. Your child, especially if an only child or a child that has never been in a daycare environment, will most likely express some anxiety in regards to meeting new people. Whether your child is an extrovert or an introvert, it most likely will be stressful for your child to enter this situation without any previous peer socialization. You can ease the shock by introducing your child to some local playgroups. Take you child to events where they are likely to interact with other children their own age.

2.) Read and Engage with your Child

As the standards for learning increase for each generation, it can be hard to keep with the learning requirements of today’s preschool curriculum. Preschoolers, in some circumstances, are expected to learn how to read. Now, there’s no need to panic. Simply reading to your child can greatly increase the chances of raising an early reader. Ask them questions while reading the book. How did this make you feel? Or what do you think is going to happen next? Creating an open dialogue with your child will help them to develop the skills that every analytical reader needs.

3.) Plan a Visit.

If it’s possible, plan a visit to a preschool classroom. Have your child observe and participate while you are there. This will give your child a preemptory glance into a world they will soon enter. Giving them a glance into this world can help make for a smooth transition when it’s their turn to enter this world without the company and support of mommy. Make sure your plan the visit when school children are at their most active. Don’t go when they are napping or eating lunch. Following these steps will help acclimate your child into a world they will soon have to enter. Giving them a glance into this world can help make for a smoother transition when it’s time to enter the world without mommy. Make sure to plan the visit when the children are at their most active.

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