How To Make A Dragon Queen In Dragon City? – 4 Major Tips


Many individuals are interested in playing games and dragon city is becoming a great option for them. By accessing it, the interested ones are capable of getting entertained with simulation concept. It provides lots of entertainment to the individuals and featured with the single player mode. The use of dragon city hacks cheats can help you in getting knowledge about various elements.

All players are trying to get details about the source that can help them in getting dragon queen quickly. If we talk about the queen dragon then it is associated with nature and metal elements. The queen is also considered as the fair and peaceful in the nature. Following are some tips for getting it.

  • Breeding Mountain

First of all, the interested ones are required to focus on the breeding mountain and access it. Breeding dragons can help you in combining two dragons and getting a new one. Here you should try to keep in mind that you are unlocking such dragon from the deus vault.

  • Start breeding

After choosing two dragons you should start breeding. For such a task, you need to focus on lots of factors. Here, you are required to make sure that you choose two different ones.

  • Choose dragons carefully

When it comes to make final decision regarding the selection dragons then you should be focused on nature and elements carefully. Try to finalize decision carefully.

  • Wait for process finishing

Now the interested ones should wait for getting the process of breeding finished. The time of breeding is completely based on the dragon rarity. In case you want to speed up the process of breeding then you can get help from the gems. For gathering such gems, you can use dragon city hacks cheats tool.