How To Open A Mobile Phone Shop In Simple And Convenient Way?

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Setting up a mobile phone shop can be quite profitable because this market is global and it is growing all of the time. Since mobile phones started to become more widely available, they are no longer a status symbol but a necessity that makes day-to-day life easier. Keep this in mind when setting up your shop in order to offer the best services and products possible.

If a person wants to open a Mobile shop, then should have capital raised from a definite source. For knowledge about the steps, a person should click now on the website.

With some startup money to buy equipment, here is how you can open a mobile phone shop:

Step One

Research wireless service providers to find the company whose services you wish to offer in your mobile phone store. Look at coverage area, rate plans, mobile phones, and commissions. You may be able to offer services for more than one company in your mobile phone shop.

Step Two

Find a location for your mobile phone shop by researching available properties at such places as shopping malls, corner stores, and strip malls.

Step Three

Stock your store with locking display cases, shelves, and wall pegs to hang merchandise. You will also need literature holders so customers can review literature about the phones and rate plans. Display materials can be found by ordering brand new via the Internet from companies specializing in displays, online auctions, via the classifieds, or by checking with closing stores in your area to find used displays for a low price.

Step Four

Order your mobile phones and accessories from the wireless provider. When ordering mobile phones from the wireless provider, make sure you can obtain model phones (also known as “dummy phones”) to display in your store. You can also offer other types and brands of accessories by looking to wholesalers.

Step Five

Obtain printed service contracts from the wireless service provider. In addition,you can also prepare your own paperwork for your shop’s records. The information in your paperwork can mimic that of the wireless company’s contract, plus any additional information you need.

Step Six

Purchase point of sale equipment, such as a cash register from an office supply store, an online merchant, or an online auction. Having a computerized connection to the wireless company may not be necessary because you can call an activation number to activate the mobile phones and their service plans. However, you may wish to investigate the cost of activating via computer from your shop.

Step Seven

Place posters, flyers, banners, and other advertising materials in the windows and on the doors of your shop. Utilize balloons and other advertising tools to bring customers into your store.


You do not want your company to be held liable for certain issues that may come about, so having your own paperwork in addition to the service provider’s contract can prove legally beneficial to your mobile phone shop.


Some wireles service providers may require that their dealers not sell rate plans and phones for other carriers. However, there are those providers that do not have such restrictions placed upon their dealers.