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Filing for a bankruptcy can be quite daunting, what with all the legal terms, procedures, and laws surrounding the entire process. The most logical way of going about the filing is through the help of a bankruptcy lawyer, one who specializes on bankruptcy laws and has enough experience about the process.

However, not all can afford to hire bankruptcy lawyer San Diego, which can sometime cost a significant sum. The problem therein lies, is it possible to file for bankruptcy even without the help and assistance of a bankruptcy lawyer?

How much does the services of a bankruptcy lawyer cost?

While it is true that you have to shell out a significant amount to get the best bankruptcy lawyer for legal assistance during a bankruptcy filing, there are ways to have the same assistance at a little to no cost. If you qualify, you can ask assistance from legal aid organizations free of charge. They may even represent you throughout the entire bankruptcy filing process.

There are also other bankruptcy attorneys that offer their services free of charge or pro-bono. Some may consider representing you at a significantly reduced cost. These are options you can explore if you’re on a tight budget when filing for bankruptcy. Contrary to popular knowledge, it doesn’t really cost that much if you know your options.

Can you file for bankruptcy without a lawyer?

Another way to go about the filing of bankruptcy is by doing it alone, without the legal assistance of any bankruptcy lawyer. This is feasible for those filing simple bankruptcy cases. Individuals with household income below the state median, with little to no assets under their name, and with no fraudulent charges, can file for a simple Chapter 7 bankruptcy on their own.

However, even though feasible, this is not a simple task. One must be committed on familiarizing themselves with the laws surrounding bankruptcy if one wants to go through the entire filing process alone.