Low Roof Maintenance Tips That Every Handyman Should Remember


Whenever we do maintenance on our roofs, we need to consider a few things first before we can consider it done. I mean, if we just haphazardly repair it, chances are we will experiences leaks or other issues on our roofs later on. That is why we need to check everything when we do it carefully, or we can call someone trusted to do it for us like Wetherby roofing company.

Anyways, here are a few essential things to check whenever we do repairs or maintenance on our roofs.

Stagnant Water Buildup

Stagnant water build-up happens when a part of your roof has a leak in which water can seep through and accumulates inside your roof. If this is not taken care of, stagnant water build-up can cause degradation on any surface that is made of wood. Also, it can make any metals in contact get rust too. Some electrical insulators, if exposed to a wet environment, can also degrade, exposing the live wire inside. It is essential to check if you have these and better to dry it up and seal the leak.

Blistering, Cracking, And Other Damages

Blistering (water trapped within membrane plies) and cracking are just some of the most common damages your roof can get. If these damages are not addressed immediately and adequately, they can cause degradation and leaks within your roof, which may result in further damage.

Loose Roof Fasteners

Lastly, fasteners used to keep your roof together may degrade in the long run. A lot of factors can affect this, and the most common one is due to it being old. If these fasteners are not replaced or tightened, your roof may come off unexpectedly or during harsh weather conditions.


Roofs are our primary protection from the elements, and if they are not taken care of, chances are they will give up on us. A well-maintained roof will always ensure the safety of our homes for the years to come.