Microsoft Anti Spam Exchange Server 2007 Helpful Features

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The latest anti spam Exchange Server from Microsoft is underway for this year, and is already into its service pack number one. The anti spam feature is also accompanied by an anti virus ability. A well known company by the name of Unisys is using the software in a big way. It’s also helpful for gaming websites, since it doesn’t mess with games running on servers such as fatalityservers.

This was most likely an effort to cut down on the cost of dealing with other companies such as Double-Take or Neverfail who have traditionally been responsible for various security issues. Migrating from older systems to the anti spam Exchange Server can be done with confidence. Microsoft has made it easy to migrate by creating a tool just for the job. This tool works for administrators who use Exchange 2003.

This anti spam Exchange Server can regulate spam from your hub server using IP protocol. IP addresses can be updated and added to or deleted as needed. Incoming mail is regulated at the “edge” literally by a component called just that. Edge transport rules scan for spam at the perimeter of your system. This scan is not repeated so as to not bog down precious resources. The edge transport server can identify offending domains and prevent any penetration into the core of the message system.

Administrator can also identify spam via known text patterns. The administrator can add the ability to filter spam using words or phrases. Email attachments are particularly scanned and are validated on popular criteria such as file size, type etcetera. The offending attachment can be stripped from the message.

One particular element of the anti spam Exchange Server is the use of the “Intelligent Message Filter” or IMF. This is an extension of Microsoft’s SmartScreen content filtering technology. This can detect phishing attacks, using fraudulent links or spoofed DNS. The user is protected from future attacks also by filter updates via Microsoft. These updates are timely. With phishing attacks on the rise, this one feature can be a lifesaver for the busy administrator.

The anti spam Exchange Server encrypts messages by default between the Edge Transport server and the hub or internal server network. This is a change for 2007. Previous versions required extra work to encrypt messages, so this is another time saver.

One of the newer features and one I am happy to hear is mobile technology is enabled with this anti spam Exchange Server. Its called the “Unified Messaging” feature and is comparable with what Avaya and other phone-answering systems are currently involved in. The new feature was demonstrated with Vista and is speech-enabled and automated. It delivers voicemail and fax messages to the Exchange system and then accessed via Outlook, Outlook web access.

You can use this with your cell or from a regular phone. A great feature is all data can be deleted from a mobile device if that device is lost or stolen, without having to possess administrator privileges. Service pack number one covers these features of mobile access.

Internal security is enhanced for the latest anti spam Exchange Server. Administrators have the ability to set folder policies in Exchange Server to prevent unauthorized access by different groups. Policies can be set up whereby one group is not allowed to email another.

This is handy for example, when a system has say perhaps the wholesale sellers and retail buyers on the same network. Even more policies can be implemented that would archive messages pertaining to topics automatically, and of course be unaccessable for some users. They can also be deleted automatically.

This newest anti spam Exchange Server 2007 is a great way to update an older, slower, redundant message system. For larger businesses, Microsoft has Exchange Server 2007 Enterprise edition. Many storage groups and networks or data centers can be serviced with this larger version of Exchange Server. As this software advances to streamline and reduce the time and work involved to fight the spam problem, network administrators and business owners will be having more free time and less headaches.