Planning For Laser Hair Removal- Know These 4 Things

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A flawless smooth skin is a dream-come-true for every girl out there. Laser hair removal is one of the most sought-after options here as it can reduce hair growth to a great extent. You will find salons today that specialize in laser hair removal or else there are many at-home devices. If you are looking for the best at home laser hair removal, go for a one that’s backed by a long line of happy users. No matter whichever option you prefer, here are a few insights on laser hair removal that you must know.

It’s not too painful

Contrary to the myth that laser hair removal is excruciatingly painful- in reality it’s not that horrific. Yes, you will feel a sharp sensation during a laser session but, no worries, it will be a bearable situation. Also, modern laser machines emit bursts of cold air constantly to keep the area cool and make things more tolerable.

It’s faster than you think

If you are apprehensive about laser hair removal given the notion that it’s going to be immensely time-consuming, read this. It’s to stress here, laser hair removal for full face takes as little as 20 minutes. And that includes the time taken for makeup removal as well.

Things to avoid

There are certain things that you should avoid to ensure a safe and effective laser hair removal for you.

  • Avoid sun and tanning minimum 6 weeks prior to your treatment and also after that (1 week)
  • Avoid caffeine minimum 24 hours prior to your treatment
  • Do not apply any kind of moisturizer on your skin 24 hours prior to your treatment or laser session
  • No hot shower, sauna or gym 24 hours after your laser session

You have to be patient

Laser hair removal does not promise an overnight result. You will start seeing results minimum after 2-3 weeks of your initial treatment. For full results, you should have the patience to wait till 8 to 12 sessions.