Predicting the Football System: Show-off Your Knowledge

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Football has fans all around the world! And fans are obsessed about knowing all they can about the game. They know how many tattoos a player has or how many children do they want. With so much obsession over the game’s ins and outs, it gives you an upper hand if you can predict the game’s direction, like a super fan!

As a fan, if you predict properly how a team will perform then you get a special place in the fandom and you obviously want to show off your love for the game to your friends. So here are some tips that will help you predict the football system like an agen judi online.


Make sure that the data you are going to use to assess the team is helpful. Is this data easily available and will the data access the performance of the team accurately?

As a fan you already know a lot of things like what you favorite player dreamt last night but this information is not very useful, so make sure the data that you have is useful and not just random fact.


Make sure that the sample space is big enough to give as accurate results as possible. Try to involve as many seasons and matches as you can in the sample space you are using to access the performance.


Collect the data form as many sources as you want. If you are a real fan then you obviously have some experience in diving deep into the sea of the internet to find out the contact details of your favorite players, you just have to do the same but in a more advanced way. Hunt the data and analyze it the best you can.