Should Marijuana Be Legalized or not?

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Use of marijuana is always under suspicion since it holds both healthies and hazardous effects. After looking at the merits of the plant confusion always strike the minds that should Marijuana be legalized by the government agencies.


Effects of marijuana:-


Some of us after reading its benefits go in favor whereas when checking its hazardous effect the same people will go against it. This is the greatest dilemma the answer to this dilemma is yes, it should be legalized. Just because people are not able to have control over themselves and using a thing in a wrong way doesn’t mean you should make a thing with medical benefits illegal. See when it comes to use things wrongly- terrorists use computer wrongly to make the bombs and do antihuman activities that doesn’t mean you will make the use of computers illegal. Anything that is present in the world can be used for wrong purposes but that’s the mistake of people not the thing so making it illegal will be a wrong decision. Yes, what you can do is make it legal and can have control over the supply of it and teaches the population to use it for the right purposes. The government may make rules that act upon people using it or selling it in a wrong manner but it should be made legal where government can take up licensing process in their hands to ensure security.


Current availability of weeds-


In many parts of the world weed is sold at a large scale both legally and illegally. They can be bought offline at small shops and also can be taken from people whereas can also be bought online. I know you might have a confusion that how to buy weed online,  don’t worry there is no rocket science involved you just need to visit a weed selling site (there are many available) and place your order for the same. It’s that simple.