Simple And Cheap Tips For Keeping Your House Cool


With the heat of the summer upon us it can be difficult to keep your house cool without the use of expensive air conditioners. However, in an effort to both cut back on overall energy usage and save money in hard economic times many are choosing to forgo using air conditioning. While things like replacing windows with triple-pane energy efficient ones or adding more insulation will help keep your house cool they are also costly. Here are some tips that I have found that help keep out house cool in the hot summer months without using air conditioning or other expensive measures.

Turn off the lights

If you are not using compact fluorescent light bulbs switching your old incandescent bulbs ill help keep your house cool and save you money. Incandescent bulbs generate heat and cost more than their compact fluorescent counterparts.

Get out the winter blankets

Not to use for yourself, but to hang over windows during the day. While curtains and blinds are helpful in keeping the sun out and helping keep your house cooler they are generally designed for decoration ant not trapping heat. Blankets on the other hand are made to trap heat. In this case, hanging them over the windows traps heat from the sun outside of your house.

Open the windows

At night, in the evening, or in the early morning before the sun is overhead open any windows that do not have the sun directly coming in to let the cool air in and the heat out. Take time to figure out which way the wind is blowing around your house and use fans to help increate the wind flow. On one side of you house have fans blowing the cool air in and on the other side have fans blowing the warm air in your house out.

Don’t run appliances

Anything thing that generates heat should be used as little as possible. This includes the vacuum, television, washer, drier, dish washer, and stove/range. Pretty much any major appliances generates heat while it runs so use them sparingly and not during the heat of the day. Computers not being used should be turned off as well as they generate heat consistently while they are running.

Fans and Dehumidifiers

This should be relatively obvious but using fans will help you feel cool and keep the air moving. Dehumidifiers also will help you feel cooler and less sticky as they draw moisture out of the air.

Water heater

Turn down, or even off, the water heater during the day. If you’re not going to be showering during the day or running the washer why should you heat up water that you are not going to use? Not only does this generate heat but it wastes energy since you are heating water you are not going to be using.

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