Soy, Nuts And Beans Substitute For People With Allergies

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People who are not vegan can still benefit from vegan foods, especially people with soy, nuts and beans allergies. If you have one of those allergies, or know someone who have, then read on. Listed below are some of the substitute you can eat if you have soy, nuts and beans allergies.

Nuts can be replaced with:


Pumpkin seeds as well as sunflower seeds are nut-free nut alternative, which makes for a great nut replacement. There are a lot of retail produce of butters made from sunflower seed and pumpkin seeds.


Beans, like roasted soy beans and peas are another great substitute for nut. Beans can be easily roasted using an oven, and can be used as nut substitute in salads.

Soy can be replaced with:

Maggi seasoning sauce

Maggi seasoning sauce is being used in Europe for over 100 years, and it is a great replacement to soy because it ony contains soy and wheat in minimal amounts. Make sure that the food you are cooking is complementary to Maggi seasoning sauce before trying it out.

Red boat fish sauce

A great alternative containing zero soybean protein, which makes it perfect for people with soy allergies. However it has higher sodium content than regular soy, so take note of that.

Beans can be replaced with:

White beans

White beans are low carb substitute for beans, which makes it a great choice.

Even if you have an allergy, make sure you still eat a healthy diet by eating soy, nuts and beans substitute. This way, you can be like Simon Black, a midfielder who is known for his hardwork in football. You can still eat and benefit from vegan food even if you are not a vegan, so why not give it a try?