The Benefits Of Moving To An Online User Manual For Your Products

Reference and Education

The end of physical user manuals

There was a time when every electronic device you purchase will come with a comprehensive user manual out of the box. This manual will contain basic instructions of operation, common troubleshooting steps and details on the features of your purchased device. However, manufacturers have realized that the number of people who actually read the included is very few. It was then decided that printing and publishing of lg sh5 user manuals to be included in the box of every purchased device will be stopped.

User manual’s new home

Of course, there still has to be a way for end-users to have something they can use as reference should they need assistance about the device they’ve recently just purchased. To address this, manufacturers have moved user manuals from being inside boxes to somewhere more accessible for everyone, the internet. Most manufacturers have made their owners guides available for access or download on their websites.

The Hidden Power of Online Manual

It was initially suspected that moving user manuals from inside the boxes of every purchased device to the company’s website was just a move made by these companies to cut back on cost. However, it was found out that moving these manuals online have actually benefits over the traditional printed ones, not just for the users but for the companies as well.

Online manuals promote the company’s website

Moving the user manual access to a company’s website will make users visit these pages before they can gin access to the document they need. This means an increased visibility for the company’s website, opening opportunities for marketing strategies and actions.

Online manuals are actually more time-saving

With the manuals being in digital format, then companies are free to include images and screenshots (for software products) to make their manuals easier to understand. Also, you can easily search for a specific topic on a digital file compared to flipping through page in a printed one.