The Common Mistakes That People Made On The Rowing Machine

Health and Fitness

The rowing machine gives strength to your body parts like shoulders, arms, hip etc. The technique of rowing machine needs to be learning properly as it can cause injury or joints pain if not used with proper technique and knowledge. Sometimes, people don’t feel that they are using the machine wrong, but later it causes pain. Also, you can make Rower Comparisons if you’re about to but the rowing machine as it will teach you the difference.

Let’s learn about some of the mistakes that people usually do while using rowing machines:-

  1. Place your legs correctly

You need to place your foot at the correct position to produce the maximum power. Also, keep in mind that you need to pull the handle instead of pushing it with your legs.

  1. Bend your back

While sitting on the rowing machine, you need to bend your back to pull the rope and don’t have to sit up tall. This is the most common mistake made by the people. As when you get on the machine, you need to change the height and adjust your posture and need to be comfortable.

  1. Make yourself comfortable

People think that fast speed will give them more strength, but the thing is if you go quickly then you need to slow down to give your muscles relaxation and yourself the time to breathe.

  1. Adjust the resistance to a minimum and increase slowly

If you adjust the resistance level to 10, then you’ll not be able to maintain the good technique. It is always suggested to set the resistance to a minimum and increase slowly as you get comfortable.

Lastly, the mistakes will make you uncomfortable with the machine and can cause injury or pain to your body itself.