The Importance Of Transcribing Your Videos

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The transcribing of videos is the procedure for converting the audio of the video into a textual content. This is carried out with either an automated speech recognition system, the manual labor of a transcriber, or a mixture of technology and a human transcriber. You can also choose to work with a lyric video production services online so that you won’t have to do it yourself.

This process will cost you money, that you might think to skip this one. However, do not cheap out when it comes to the transcription of your videos. Listed below are some of the reasons why a video with transcriptions will benefit you:

  1. For SEO purposes

An audio only video cannot be indexed by search engines. Meanwhile, a video with transcriptions can be, although on a limited scale. Transcripts additionally assist with your SEO key word technique. Make use of your transcript to locate notable key phrases pointed out within your video, and then modify your the description of the video’s SEO components to complement the keywords.

  1. With transcription, your video will be accessible to a lot of people

People with restricted hearing or those who have no ability to hear are not able to take in your video content if it does not contain any text transcriptions.

If your video has transcripts, then you will gain an entirely new audience: people with hearing disabilities, as well as deaf people. You might argue that the number of that kind of people is probably not that high, but still, it matters. If the people with hearing abilities discover your video that features transcriptions, then they will stick with your website. They will add to your number of viewers, thus increasing your viewership and ad revenue if you are running ads.