Tips To Be A Better Scorer In Basketball


Every aspiring basketball players aims to be great scorer. But there are a lot of aspects to hone when you are aspiring to score like a pro. From developing the right form to improving defense skills- there are lots of techniques and skills to learn. The post below offers some tips on improving your scoring right from the next match.

Know the ideal form

You will be able to avoid good lot of mistakes on the court if you are careful about attaining the most ideal form for a basketball player. Follow these tips here to practice the correct form-

  • Elbows must be inside always
  • Knees should be bent and flexible
  • Eyes must be focused on basket

Practice dribbling and shooting yourself

You will certainly play with other players– but first practice the dribbling and shooting skills yourself. Don’t go out for a game with others when you aren’t ready as that will only abet your risks of injury. Rather train solo (initially) under an experienced coach.

Keep the opponent guessing

Put simply, you can’t put a predictable game before your opponent. You have to learn to bring variations in your shooting style and offense strategies so that defenders are left guessing how to stop you.

Train with better players

This has got two advantages. One, you will be able to learn new skills and techniques. The other is that when you are playing with someone better, you will be automatically simulated to play the best shots.

A calm mind is also crucial for improving your scoring. There is always mounting tension on the court. It’s easy to get stressed out but excessive stress only leads to wrong decision. Thus, you should also invest time in developing a calm mind which will be agile even under tension. One good tip would be to play strategic games like dominoqq. You can also practice meditation regularly to keep the stress levels down.