Tips To Do When Pets Are Poisoned

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Accidents do happen especially at home and in most cases, it happens to our pets. They are usually much prone to this accident due to their curiosity and mostly due to the things we have left unknowingly that can be reached by them. For Dogs, usual case of poisoning is chocolate ingestion and cats eating foods infused with raisins. So, in times like this, we have to be prepared and alert on the initial treatment that we have to administer.  First few minutes are the most critical in order to save the lives of our beloved pet. So having the knowledge to do attend to a poisoned pet is very important.

Identifying the signs is the first vital aspect to save your pet. Coughing, drooling and difficulty in breathing might be a sign of dogs that inhaled poisonous substance. If you see your pet vomiting, loss its appetite all of a sudden to eat anything might be a case of swallowed poison. For poisons that come close to a contact, skin irritation is the number one sign that your pet might be exposed to such type of poison.

All these can become deadly if not treated immediately and the first thing you have to administer while you wait for a veterinary is to place your pet in a safe place, away from any obstacle that can harm both of you and have a fresh air also for your pets to properly breath in. Wear protective gloves and paper towels to clean off the liquid and do not touch directly as you can also get irritated by it. If you need to rinse off the poison, use lukewarm water. And keep all the rat poison (see for reference) as it may be extremely fatal to your pets and even you.