Tips To Get Star Tokens In Brawl Stars?


Are you on the lookout of star tokens for your Brawl Stars sessions? Now, the star tokens are undoubtedly one of the most coveted of all tokens in the game. Tokens are a great help to purchase brawl Boxes which need 100 tokens for unlocking a one. You can use gems to unlock Token Doublers to double up your tokens. To get gems for free, you can try Brawl Stars hack sites. Go for brawl stars hack ohne telefonnummer so that you don’t have to waste time on a boring verification procedure.

Getting Star Tokens

Star Tokens can be earned by winning events in Brawl Stars. It’s to note here the game releases Star Tokens when a map shifts. Thus, you can widen your chances of getting Star Tokens by taking part in the first rotation of an event. These tokens will enable you to open the coveted “Big Brawl Boxes”. You will have to get at least ten Star Tokens to unlock one such box.

Go for Showdown events to earn your Star Token. Remember if you can’t fetch the #1 position, you have to be within at least top 4. This is if you are a solo player. If you participate in the Duo Showdown event, make sure to grab a place within top 2 to win the Star Tokens.

Be careful while choosing events

Now, not all events will offer you Star Tokens. Before you participate in the event for that particular token, look for the icon of the token on the event screen. If you can find the icon in top left side of the screen, you can be assured to receive Star Token upon winning. Events in Brawl Stars are refreshed after every 24 hours. Once you get a Star Token from one event, look for other similar events. Otherwise, you will have to wait for another full day for another token.