Tips To Remove Carpet Glue From Hard Flooring Efficiently!

Home Improvement

Carpet is an integral part of a home’s design and interior as it enhances its look and adds some stars to its beauty, but everything needs to be changed with the ever-changing trends. You need to update the carpets with new designs and styles, but removing them involves a problem. The glue used to paste it remains stuck on the flooring, making it look awful and ugly. It is a challenging task to remove the carpet glue from a hard surface, but you can do it easily by following some useful tips.

Some of the most effective methods to remove the carpet glue

Use a scraper

A scraper is a useful and popular tool to scrap off things like glue form flooring. You can easily get it from your nearest ร้านเคมีภัณฑ์ but try to get a scraper with a long handle and razor blade. Use this scraper to get rid of the stubborn carpet glue, and you can also use some elbow grease to get better results. Grease makes it easy to remove glue residue from the floor without any additional efforts.

Pour some boiling hot water

You can use boiling water to remove the carpet glue on the floor as when the glue is quite hard and challenging to remove, the hot water softens it and makes it easy to remove. You must wait for about two minutes after pouring boiling water as it will make the water seep into the glue and make it soft. Once it gets soft, then you can easily scrape it off using a scraper.

Scrub the residue

Even after you scrape off the significant portion of the glue, some residue still remains on the floor. To remove that, you need to use a high-quality scrubber and use it with a mixture of ammonia and detergent. Soak the scrubber in the solution and rub the glue residue off the floor.