Top 5 Accusations Made During A Divorce


A divorce can be as simple as two people dividing all assets, and working the out details without an attorney, or more difficult then most people can imagine. It’s great when both parties agree to go their separate ways, and end their marriage without all the drama. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. More then half of all divorces end up in a legal battle, a battle that can last years. When children or extensive assets are involved the stakes are even greater. This can cause one, or both of the parties involved to fight dirty, leaving nothing but heartache, and pain in the path of destruction.

It’s far to often that serious accusations are tossed around during a divorce. More then 75% of accusations made during a divorce are nothing more then horrible lies. These accusations are told for several reasons. The first reason being the false accusation will cause the other person trouble. In other words, the whole lie was just a immature act of revenge. Another reason is because the false accusation will discredit the other person, shifting the chances of a complete win. The third reason is a combination of the two, this type of person makes false accusations to show the other person who is in charge. In any of they three reasons the outcome is the same, they lie in order to win.

Who really wins in a divorce? No matter how the assets are divided, someone is going to walk out feeling like they got the short end of the deal. And if they are children involved, false accusations can hurt them more then anyone else. It’s understandable that the two parties dislike or even hate one another, after all they are getting divorced. A mixture of revenge, hate, and greed leads to painful accusations. Hiring a Baltimore car accident attorney is another story if there are other cases like property accidents that underlie in the divorce case. The five most common false accusations during a messy divorce is:

1) Sexual abuse. Usually it’s the male party that is accused or one of the females family members. In most situations involving a child, the child will be to young to speak for themselves, or answer any questions. These accusations usually require that the child in question be seen by a physician, and the person in question be throughly investigated.

2) Drug use. Accusations of drug use can range from use of illegal drugs, excessive alcohol use, prescription medication abuse, to even over the counter drug abuse. An accusation of this nature will more then likely result in court ordered drug testing for person who is being accused.

3) Satanic worship. Even though it might seem far fetched, it does happen. These type of allegations normally are investigated by a children rights advocate.

4) Illegal actions. Claims such as disability fraud, animal cruelty, illegal building, and tax fraud, just to male a few, might be filed against the other party. Some of these claims might require an investigation however, all of them are a headache.

5) Promiscuous lifestyle. These accusations can range from frequent dating, to prove instability, to actually accusing the other party of being involved in pornography.

Thanks to the constant increase in technology, cropped photo’s, and forged documents are no surprise in a divorce. If you find that you are a victim of false accusations, you should know your legal rights. Legal rights vary from state to state but, in every state it is illegal to falsely accuse another person of a crime, or act. Do not let the accusation rest once your name is cleared. You should always press legal charges, and make sure your attorney knows exactly what happened.

Divorce doesn’t have to be complex. However, in order for a divorce to stay friendly, both parties must be willing to accept some losses, and compromise. In the end it will be better for everyone who is involved.