Traffic Generation: Top 10 Traffic Generation You Must Know

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The Website and blog traffic generation guide for anyone – old, young, and whatever. Any novice or beginner can make money online if you know how to converse that traffic into money. You will also get a chance to download my secret Article Marketing Guide at the end so you too can learn how I am using Article Marketing and Submitting Articles to get free targeted traffic.

  1. Pay Per Click or/and Google Adword. This is by far the best way to make money but it is not cheap so please stay away if you aren’t rich. You will also want to use Yahoo because there are links that give you a free $200 in clicks which is just awesome.
  2. Squidoo. How could you not be using Squidoo as an affiliate? If you do a search on Google for many keywords, you will see that Squidoo is ranked number one. Setting up a Squidoo lense is a breeze plus you will get addition traffic as you submit articles to it.
  3. USFreeAds. This is a very good ads site because it is super cheap to use, yet it is highly ranked in Search Engine for many Google keywords. Start using USfreeads if you have not because you will make a lot of money from it in the long term if used wisely.
  4. Article Marketing. My FAVORITE ever because it is extremely effective and cheap IF used right but 90% use it wrong. With this method, you can promote an affiliate product over and over again. You can write a huge amount of articles and submit them to top Article Directories with your affiliate link at the end or your website link at the end. If you are using an affiliate link, you do need to buy a domain and make a redirect.
  5. Youtube. Youtube is a great place to promote your product and get some traffic because it is one of the most popular site ever! Please be creative and be sure to leave your link at the beginning and end and also in the description box.
  6. Craigslist. Craigslist is not too bad either because it does get billionaires of Page Views per month. I have used Craigslist to get free traffic and make money for over a month now with success. You can also get your ads on the front page of Google for ALMOST any keyword you want.
  7. Social Networking. It would be wise to start using Web 2.0 today to make a little money and build a reputation. I use Myspace only and have had success with it but I spammed the hell out of it at first.
  8. Clipmarks. You can use Clipmark to share your content and what you think is interesting to the world. Clipmark rank very high on Google and is very popular right now. If you use it right then your content will appear on the front page of Google for that Keyword also.
  9. Blogging. Oh boy are you behind if you haven’t created a blog yet because you can use your blog to get some organic traffic and make extra money. You might even rank high on Google if you optimize your post.
  10. Squeeze Website. Another way is to set up a squeeze page or even a review site to promote a product. It will rank high if you are knowledgeable in SEO. You could do a review of that product in your website.

Beside all this you can use CTR manipulation tools in order to increase your website traffic. To know how you can manipulate CTR you can visit the link. You will be guided with the complete process and tricks that you can use to improve your blogging.

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