Ways To Recover iPhone Deleted Text Messages


iMessage is a feature for instant messaging that came out in 2011. iPhone users have their phone numbers registered with Apple and when a message is sent to a device with a different platform, the message will transition to a simple message. This feature has simplified many issues for the Apple users butit creates a concern for the users if a vitaliMessage or a thread is accidentally deleted.

How Important Text Messages Are

Text messages are very important for everyone as either they are work-related message which one cannot afford to lose or they are from a person who holds a special place in people’s lives. It happens often that you end up losing text messages of your phone by mistake, not there is a way out by which you can retrieve your text messages.

Given below are some methods on how to recover deleted iMessages from an iPhone or iPad without any issue:

  • Recovering through iTunes – If the Apple device of a user is backed up to iTunes. You can either use a third-party app to extract messages from its backup or restore the backup file which will overwrite all your files, settings and restore the iPhone to the same state as before the backup.
  • Recovering through iCloud – Same as iTunes, if your data is backed up on iCloud, it is easy to restore the relevant backup file though all the data, files, and settings created since the backup will be lost though it is easy to avoid this issue through the use of some third-party apps.
  • Recovering without backup – Even without a backup, it is easy to recover deleted iMessagesby using an iMessage recovery software as the deleted iMessages are storedin iOSSQLite database for some time before being overwritten.

Any method can be applied depending on the situation, however, it is safer to use iMessage recovery software and if the use of third party applications is necessary, then it is good to check their credibility first before continuing.