What Do I Love About Myrtle Beach?

Travel and Leisure

Myrtle Beach is best for spending time on the beaches, and you can enjoy the calmness and freshness near the shore. The place is best for families and couples. When I went to this place, you wouldn’t believe that there are many things you can do for your entertainment.

Let us discuss the amazing things which I love during my vacations on Myrtle Beach.

  • Broadway

The place is best for the outdoor activities such as going for the shopping centres, restaurants, and entertainment complex. You will also find the Pet-friendly hotels in Myrtle Beach for staying and the best part is that you will find amazing activities to do in the hotel for your entertainment.

  • Atlanticus miniature golf

There are many courses you can do at the miniature golf park, and the majority of people love to visit this place. It is like a mountain, and you won’t believe that your kids can also choose the courses for playing and it will be best for them for enjoying.

  • Myrtle Beach state park

It is situated at the south side of the Myrtle Beach, and it is one of the busiest places in the Myrtle Beach. You will love the maritime forest, and you can go to the campsite at night.

  • Brook green gardens

The place is famous for having historic mansions, and it is purchased in the 19th century by the archer Milton Huntington. The place is best for couples, and you will see the largest and oldest sculptures.

  • Alabama Theatre

It is a great place for the entertainment and the theatre is popular worldwide as the Alabama band performed the most famous show at Myrtle Beach. The theatre contains 2000 seats, and there are many professional artists who act in the evening, you need to book the tickets in advance as it gets houseful in the evening.

  • The Carolina Opry

The place is an attention seeker as it is famous for live music ranging from different artists. If you are going for the Myrtle Beach in the winters, then don’t miss the Carolina Opry.

These all are the amazing places you can visit in Myrtle Beach. In my opinion, visiting Myrtle Beach with the family or with your soul mate will be a great choice.