What Is The Purple Cube In Fortnite? What Is Its Purpose?


The Fortnite world has a lot of interesting and exciting mysteries. One of them is the purple cube. Its first appearance has resulted in a lot of speculations and theories. Some gamers tried to use Fortnite cheat to unfold its meaning. But just like any other players, they failed. It was first introduced to the game through a spawning from a lightning storm in August 24 in Paradise Palm’s border. Since then, gamers of the infamous game have been very much intrigued and baffled by the purple cube.

To unfold what’s on the cube, the first thing that some players did was to attack the box with their weapons. Unfortunately, attacking it only causes electrical strikes that resulted in damage to their health or worse – it killed them. Consequently, other players have conducted some texts on the purple black such as doing an analysis of the cubes sounds. But the again, they failed to unlock the mystery. Furthermore, some players conducted a deep analysis on the spectacular purple box. They were claiming that players were only seeing one side of the box. But the cube being an object with many sides that other players haven’t seen yet, it could be something special. They compared it to the Monoliths from the sci fi classic 2001: A Space Odyssey. However, none of the speculations worked and they still have no idea on what the purple cube is about.

On a positive note, one player was able to track the movement of the ourple box. The player was able to find six points. He linked these points together and he concluded that the purple box will be at the Loot Lake on its last location. Hence, the purple cube is expected to reach the Loot Lake in season six. By then, it is expected that the peculiar box will be revealed.