Why And When One Should Replace An Electric Shaver?


Wear and tear are common for all electronic devices with times, so replacing is mandatory. Replacing the old electric shaver is not always required; one can try replacing foils or blades to get the same level of smoothness or comfort.  One should be careful when using electric shavers to increase its life span. Regular maintenance and cleaning of electric shavers can keep them in good condition for a more extended period of the span.

Why does one need to replace electric shavers?

Most men use electric shavers almost every day due to which blades and foil become blunt or dull to use.  Due to wear and tear of blades, one can’t expect the same sharpness or closeness, and this leads to missing hairs. If not replaced with time, the overused shaver causes irritation on the skin as well as leads to ingrowth of hairs. If one’s skin is sensitive, it might lead to allergy or unwanted cuts.

When should one replace an electric shaver?

There is always the right time to replace electric shaver. As per the Bart Schneider test, it is recommended to replace old electric shaver with a new one every twelve to eighteen months depending on the brand chosen.  If one doesn’t use the electric shaver too often, it is recommended to get the foil and blade replaced. As the blades are integrated, one should always change both the blades and foil, not just either one of them, to get the same

smoothness and sharpness.

Thus while choosing an electric shaver, many aspects are taken care of like battery life, waterproof ability, and many more. So while replacing, it is always advisable to have a check on the accessories that can be replaced instead of the shaver itself.